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  1. Vegas Dave

    Why are you gay?

  2. Vegas Dave

    Do you sort cash before putting it in your wallet?

    I saw an interview with a celebrity (I think it was Will Smith) a few years back where the interviewer was making fun of him because he had the "weird habit" of keeping all of the bills in his wallet facing the same way and in sequential order. I didn't really understand the joke because I...
  3. Vegas Dave

    Played D&D for the first time last night

    Embracing my inner nerd. Have been listening to this funny Dungeons and Dragons podcast for the last couple of years ("Not Another D&D Podcast") and have been meaning to give it a try. Finally did. It was pretty amusing! I will return next week. Have any of you ever played? Might have to boot...
  4. Vegas Dave

    How fast do ya'll type?

    I never learned to touch type. I'm a frigging professional writer and I'm whacking away at keys in some stupid fashion I invented at only 65-70 WPM. Should probably learn to type properly, but who has the time to learn new stuff?
  5. Vegas Dave

    What's upppppp old friends?!?

    Ohhhh man can you believe this other Vegas Dave became super famous and ruined my good name?!? Well it wasn't THAT good of a name to begin with but I mean it was something... But yeah. I'm still alive. I was meaning to come say hi but I forgot wtf this site was called. Stumbled on an old...
  6. Vegas Dave

    How Does Notre Dame win on Saturday?

    Starting QB, RB, and TE out for season. Only one week to prepare for Georgia Tech's explosive offense. GTech is underrated. Notre Dame is overrated. Shocked the Yellow Jackets are only -2. What am I missing?
  7. Vegas Dave

    Hey fellas!

    Ya'll still alive? Football season is back and it got me feeling all nostalgic. Figured I'd check in and see who was still lurking around these parts. Don't have any picks to post or anything. Just dropping in for a hello. It's been so long that I forget if I'm liked, hated, or...
  8. Vegas Dave

    Vegas Dave's College Picks: Week 11

    Missouri -13.5 Texas Tech -2.5 Arizona State -6.5 Washington -28.0 Kansas/Oklahoma State OVER 53.5 Let's gooooooooooooooo! :megaman:
  9. Vegas Dave

    Vegas Dave's College Picks: Week 10

    Virginia Tech -4.5 Kansas +28.0 Tulane +3.5 UCLA -28.0 Let's goooooooooooooooooooooo! :megaman:
  10. Vegas Dave

    Vegas Dave's College Picks: Week 9 I think not posting here has been bad luck. Three straight losing weeks. Blah. Back on track?!? :megaman: Georgia Tech -10 Duke +13.5 Alabama -28 Oregon -23 Furman +47 Penn State/Ohio State OVER 55
  11. Vegas Dave

    Vegas Dave's College Picks: Week 6

    Florida State -16.0 Ohio -4.5 Oklahoma State -13.5 Georgia -10 Cincinnati -11.5 Ole Miss -3 Oregon/Colorado OVER 69.0 Any of you fellow degens playing GTA V these days?
  12. Vegas Dave

    Vegas Dave's College Picks: Week 4

    Tennessee +16.5 Cincinnati -22.5 Colorado State +39.5 Oregon State -10 LSU -17 Texas -5.5 Let's gooooo! :megaman:
  13. Vegas Dave

    Vegas Dave's College Picks: Week 3

    Texas Tech +3 Oklahoma -24 Virginia Tech -7.5 Louisville -13.5 Oregon -27.5 Alabama -7.5 Ole Miss +2.5 UCLA/Nebraska OVER 70 Boston College/USC UNDER 43 On Texas Tech and NY Jets tonight boys (and ladies)! :megaman:
  14. Vegas Dave

    Vegas Dave's College Picks: Week 2

    Florida -3.0 North Carolina -17.0 SDSU +28.0 Oregon -22.0 South Carolina +3.5 Tulsa -10.0 Oregon State -27.0 Lets Gooooooooo! :megaman:
  15. Vegas Dave

    Teemu Returns

    Always been one of my favorite non-King players, despite the fact that he's always tormented my team.
  16. Vegas Dave

    Vegas Dave's College Picks: Week 1

    Hello old friends! Tulsa/Bowling Green Over 48.0 Ole Miss -3.0 Alabama -19.5 Washington -3.5 Florida State -10.0 --- How the hell are you fuks? I have spent most of 2013 trying to "get my life on track", but am in pretty much the exact same place...
  17. Vegas Dave

    Madmaxx doesn't like when you diss his Chargers...

    I sent out the following pick for my newsletter earlier today... Kansas City (-7.5) @ San Diego (+7.5) This one is tough. San Diego is bad; when you go into a bye week after losing a 24-0 lead at home and come out of that bye week with a 7-6 loss to a team that had just one win in its last 13...
  18. Vegas Dave

    NFL Semi-Correlated Parlays Week 7

    Lots of (in my opinion) pretty obvious spots this week... Seattle +7.0 and the Under Arizona +6.0 and the Under Washington +5.5 and the Over Baltimore +6.5 and the Over Like Seattle and Baltimore, don't like Arizona and Washington as I think Minnesota and New York both cover. But...
  19. Vegas Dave

    Vegas Dave's Week 8 College Picks

    Rutgers -5.5 Notre Dame -13.5 Colorado +40.5 Louisiana Tech -30.5 Virginia Tech/Clemson Over 61.5 Georgia/Kentucky Over 58.0 Washington/Arizona Over 61.5
  20. Vegas Dave

    Vegas Dave's Week 7 College Picks

    Northwestern -3.5 West Virginia -4.0 Alabama -21.0 Baylor -7.0 Washington +13.0 Texas A&M/LA Tech Under 80.5 Leggo! :dude: