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  1. I finally got booted from VIP sportsbook

    Those MF's would let me reload, because I was "Canadian". And they let you play there. Geezs.....
  2. Anyone have Moneybookers cash to spare?

    If Mudcat can't for some reason, I can.
  3. This thread will be for drinking songs.

    Right on Ike Mana. Thorogood describes himself as "the ultimate bar band". And he is. "One whiskey, two rye and..." (or however it goes) is great as well as "I drink alone".
  4. Bets you wish were for a lot more

    I might lose 40 this month too 5teamer. WTF. But in this case I just bet $100 in futures for fun, picked up a $10 Phx in the mix. Only one I am still alive on. Had a lot of Thunder.
  5. Bets you wish were for a lot more

    You think that is pathetic? THIS is pathetic.
  6. Gambling boards and drama

    I enjoyed it the other night when Raiders, JMan, Beantown and McIrsh were all on my case at once there. I will say one thing for those MF's, they sure can type fast. And there is me, trying to answer all four at once lol. That was fun.
  7. Gambling boards and drama

    We have been on a roll over there lately. I started posting at EOG and the board at OGD went ballistic. Like Bread says, "it helps to pass the time".
  8. When is Peep being hired as a mod?

    Would go work at Home Depot first, the pay would be better. I lost another 15K last ten days, so the old Depot is looking better and better. This gambling stuff is tough!!!
  9. Is anyone playing at bet911

    Gotten worst over there. Lou spoke to Moneybookers, they told him the problem was there was no money in the account to pay players. Opps! The fraud one sounds so much better on the book....
  10. A "We love Bread" thread at Peepsplace. I could not make this shit up if I tried.

    Complete with pictures and praise and roses from all..... :bowdown:
  11. Is anyone playing at bet911

    They are a bit spotty at this point for sure. I like the numbers, so I will play there. But it is not the safest place to have your money. OSU Cowboy never got back to me. I think Travis has other problems as well.
  12. Peep will DIE ALONE!

    Hey, "there is nothing wrong with that". :peace: How is your sexual ident doing these days Pat? You figure out what you are yet? Just asking......
  13. For those (Bread) that call this the Gayalive forum....

    Peeps Place does have a bit more give and take than most places, mostly because the core group is made up of posters who have been banned elsewhere. It is a fun place to be disliked, because most everyone dislikes someone there. And the beat goes on. Being "popular" there means almost...
  14. For those (Bread) that call this the Gayalive forum....

    Gaymealive it is. Peepsplace is pretty funny today Finchnasty. Tout Johnson is doing gay monkey jokes with Blondie, with Bread and I doing the chorus.
  15. For those (Bread) that call this the Gayalive forum....

    Grumps are doing fine. Archie is doing fine. We'll find out if he hooks up with the new gay guy in the new year. Life is good.
  16. For those (Bread) that call this the Gayalive forum....

    I think it is a sign of desparation on the comic book companies part. Like who would read "Archie" any more. Shit, it was irrelevant when I was growing up back in the '50's, it already sucked the big one.
  17. For those (Bread) that call this the Gayalive forum....
  18. Running bad

    So go be free. It is a posting forum stupid, not a "press". And now that I think of it, it wasn't for posting the pics that I suspended your account. If was for your brilliant comment after I said not to post any more pictures of baby corpses. You said, and I quote... "Make me...
  19. Running bad

    About the time you stop posting pictures of dead babies being thrown off of trucks in Haiti after the quake. When will that be?
  20. Running bad

    I nad no idea what running bad was till this fall. Lost 40K in four months. Ouch. Nothing you can do except tighten up and wait it out, as far as I can see. Cut back bets until it turns.....