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  1. A "We love Bread" thread at Peepsplace. I could not make this shit up if I tried.

    Complete with pictures and praise and roses from all..... :bowdown:
  2. For those (Bread) that call this the Gayalive forum....
  3. Using SBR as a referrer for Sportsbooks.

    Poor Bread, came over to Peeps yesterday, got trashed. Thought I would take a chance at suffering the same fate here, saying something I believe in, whether others here agree with it or not. I just want to say I ALWAYS put down SBR as who referred me to their site, whether they are on the...
  4. Betonline finally pays out on College Conference Future.
  5. Fishbrains gets a College education for the price of a Ruben Sandwitch.

    And he saved four to six years too. I am even more suprised that ANYONE could teach fishbrain ANYTHING about gambling. But, in his own words: