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  1. sports radio
  2. sports radio

    Pizza. I'm looking forward.
  3. sports radio

  4. sports radio

  5. fake news?

    fake news?
  6. Look what I found

    It means someone informed on plomberg!
  7. Guru can I join you in this forum?

    If you spin an Asian around, do they become disoriented? I'm a schizophrenic, and so am I. Be careful, there is a group of mimes attacking people out there. They are doing unspeakable things. Did you hear the one about the cross eyed teacher? She couldn't control her pupils...
  8. Look what I found

    I finally figured out what happened to plomberg. Hitler got to him and sent him on a train "to the East."
  9. Look what I found

    Sehr gut.
  10. Look what I found

  11. Look what I found

    WHAT HAPPEned to the guy who ran the reality TV contest?
  12. Look what I found

    big site redesign
  13. Look what I found

    what about plomberg? is he dead?
  14. Look what I found Zombie?
  15. Look what I found

    Do people want a tp roll pic instead? I can't help there. :guitar:
  16. Look what I found

  17. Here I am

    I don't feel like it.
  18. Here I am

    be back in Hooligan's Talk when Casperwaits pays up
  19. Here I am

    when is Casper going to pay up?