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    When will MLB Opening Day be? Post prediction

    I think the season gets scrapped. There's no end in sight to this. Players playing to empty stadiums isn't really a viable option... the players themselves will still be at major risk of locker room-wide contamination. And frankly I don't think it's super wise to mix a wide-spreading...
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    What's upppppp old friends?!?

    #NoNewFriends, nostalgia serves me well! Haha what's up fiver??
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    Craziest Thing You’ve Done For Money

    Aliante Casino north of the strip?? My parents live like 5 mins from here!
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    Eh, I think we comprehend each other pretty well. Laid out our arguments in decent detail. Already agreed to disagree... what else is there to do on conflicting view points that both of us feel strongly about? This was just a bit for fun. Sorry it didn't impress you.
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    What's The Value of a Human Life?

    I mean you could make a strong case for "completely worthless" or "priceless".
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    Reno thinks that this disease is the same thing as an oppressive government. Like rebelling against it makes you a hero or something. Better to die on your feet than die on your knees! Show these germs you won't take their shit!
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    It is extremely fortunate that young people aren't getting hit nearly as hard as older people by this one. But let's relax on the "MUCH worse"... 60.8 million cases in the US, 274,000 hospitalizations, 12,500 deaths ( Coronavirus...
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    Bitcoin-based online gambling

    I'll never fucking understand Bitcoin. As long as its value is constantly fluctuating, how the fuck can it be a currency? Like stevey here, say I want to deposit $1000 in a poker site so I buy $1000 worth of Bitcoin... but by the time it processes I might have $983 or $1071 or some shit? Same...
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    Do You Miss Kato?

    The legend always out-hypes the real thing. Ya'll probably remembered me fondly until I came back and just bitch about coronavirus all day :laugh:
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    Yes, the analogy was meant to refer to the outbreak of this particular strain. I know you are taking this seriously so I don't mean to get on your case, I'm just in general sick of the "the flu hospitalizes more/kills more" point. I'll throw a that's "completely inapplicable" back at you. Scale...
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    White House task force projects 100K to 240K corona-related deaths: CDC projected over 200K: projects 40K to 180K (with a...
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    We're heading to six figures in 2020 USA coronavirus deaths, and that's WITH the precautions that have been taken. Roughly .1% of people who get the flu die. Even by the most conservative estimates on death rate, this thing is killing 5-10x that. And spreads much faster and easier. There is...
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    Roguey, thanks for your concerns. Fortunately, my GF isn't actually on the "front lines"; she works at a children's hospital clinic that isn't equipped to treat COVID-19 patients. Most of the day she's doing phone triage, talking to parents about their options and helping them refill...
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    He's scoring the best approval rating in his presidency. He'll probably win again. Americans are really really stupid. His legacy might just be that he "got us through this"... conveniently leaving out the whole calling it a hoax into late February bit.
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    Yeah, I guess SEMBLANCE of normalcy in summer is a possibility, especially if the virus does slow down during summer. Even if it doesn't, enough people congregate when they aren't supposed to during quarantine that I'm sure they'll be out and about when things reopen. But things are still...
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    It's just really hard to imagine any semblance of normalcy anytime soon. Just crazy.
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    Played D&D for the first time last night

    Decided to start my own D&D campaign. Asked FB friends who wanted to play. Five showed interest! Sent them all an email asking them what their availability is like and what they want to do for their character. No response from all five yet. Being a nerd is hard!
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    Underrated Movie Thread

    The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou is firmly in the running for my all-time favorite movies. And yet seems to be one of the least-appreciated in Wes Anderson's filmography. Really beautiful and funny film.
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    ^Literally 10 seconds after I post this, my fiance texts me to say "hi". How do they KNOW?!?