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  1. Movies and TV

    I’ve never wanted a movie to end as much as I wanted Uncut Gems to end. The ending was the only thing I liked about it.
  2. Considering betting on sports

  3. Considering betting on sports

    and I lose by 1 point
  4. Considering betting on sports

    Ohio St -3 SECOND HALF -107
  5. The POLITICS Random Thoughts Thread

  6. Considering betting on sports

    we led by 4 at halftime then we remembered we are poison XXX
  7. General Soccer Discussion

    Juror, this is where Inter Miami is playing for at least 2 years. The noise you hear is workers putting the finishing touches on the stadium.
  8. Considering betting on sports

    Illinois State +11.5 -115 (2 units) Illinois State +574 (1 unit)
  9. How fast do ya'll type?

    56 on 2nd try. Ok that’s enough I won’t beat 56.
  10. How fast do ya'll type?

    48 on my first try
  11. General Soccer Discussion

    We just bought 4 pre-sale tickets to the inaugural Inter Miami CF home match vs LA Galaxy on March 14. We’re pumped! LETS GOOOOOOOOOO
  12. random MUSIC thoughts

    So you don’t like Oasis. They’re not for you. Perfectly acceptable. I don’t care for Counting Crows and Matchbox 20. I always move the tuner when they come on. They’re not shit bands, though. They’ve sold millions of records (just like Oasis).
  13. random MUSIC thoughts

    very well thought out opinion on both bands. :greencheck: One of my faves.......noisy and great melodies all in one song
  14. random MUSIC thoughts

    Music is sooooo subjective, boys. I have a real hard time saying Oasis is a shit band. What about them was shit? That they were from Manchester? That Noel Gallagher wrote catchy melodies? That they played electric guitar with fuzz boxes?
  15. Who;s drinking tonight?

    Welcome back, Mr. Gilmartin. Bitters: now there is something that I just can’t seem to learn to love. It’s in almost every specialty cocktail with a whisky/bourbon base.
  16. random MUSIC thoughts

    Liam Gallagher doesn’t like U2 because he’s butt hurt that his brother Noel doesn’t want to be in Oasis with him anymore and Noel’s band opened for U2 on a long tour.
  17. Movies and TV

    Ozark season 3 March 27 :cougar:
  18. Considering betting on sports

    USC -2 was so friggin square oh my God Ok. I’m done until MLB. Epic bad run of sports betting
  19. Considering betting on sports

    Im poison right now
  20. Considering betting on sports