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  1. tullamore

    Juror and other travelers

    Looking for a central american beach town where i can hole up for few months, surf, learn spanish, clear my mind, not be bothered and get some work done. Need reliable internet and would prefer to keep living expenses around $1500 a month if possible. Dont need a party town. Yeah i could...
  2. tullamore

    Bitcoin advice

    Curious if anyone ever had bitcoins sent to them and their wallet shows pending deposit for hours. I going on 7 hours pending. Never seen this before.
  3. tullamore

    World Juniors

    Starts Saturday in Finland Will be fun to watch Auston Matthews and see how good he is. Will more kids start going to Europe from NA for development? Pucky and Leafs fans, if they even exist anymore, if Will Nylander dominates this tournament as he should, when will he be in Torontos...
  4. tullamore

    Direct deposit

    I fucking hate it. On average twice a month it gets fucked up. 3 weeks ago I got paid 46 fucking dollars. This week I didn't get paid. The payroll company just forgot, how can you forget I am salary I get paid the same every week. Not like you didn't get my hours worked, because you don't...
  5. tullamore

    Fuck you bacon, Steve , mr monkey

    And anyone else associated with the flyers for hurting Connor McDavid. I bought bruins oilers tickets for dec 14th just so I could see McDavid. I want a refund
  6. tullamore

    Tom Brady is the messiah

    Enjoy football season gamelive.
  7. tullamore

    Best bet 7/26

    Phillies +1.5 -135 5 dimes
  8. tullamore

    Let's go royals

    Fuck the rally monkey Fuck soca Fuck blittyn Fuck rvca Let's go royals:royals: That's mine fucking team
  9. tullamore

    Hiring processing

    So I need to hire a dishwasher. Simple job no real skills needed other than to show up. I interview this kid today 19 yo. I ask him what he as been up to. Says he just moved back from Colorado I ask him how Colorado was. He says he got fired from his job for drinking on the job...
  10. tullamore

    Les do doe dmt

    It ain't no recreational thing But please enjoy
  11. tullamore

    Bacon iag post your bullshit in here

    Lets keep whatever the fuck is going on in here. Post whatever you want. Call each other names and shit. Have a fucking free for all. Hopefully this helps Clean up the clutter And the rest of the forum can get back to talking about Down syndrome porn Thanks and love
  12. tullamore


    I just reffed my first game ever, and I was fucking terrible. Shit is a lot harder than I expected. Totally different perspective from coaching or playing hockey. I also probably should have done a lower level game, to get my sea legs under me. Funny thing is I coached a game 2 hours...
  13. tullamore

    impulse buys

    I just bought a stand up paddleboard, not sure what the fuck I am going to do with this thing when its snowing out. what was your last stupid purchase.
  14. tullamore

    Bruins Leafs tonight :fu:
  15. tullamore

    I am thinking of running for congress

    I cant handle the bullshit that is permitted to go on in this country day in and day out. When are the people gonna say enough is enough. If I get elected I am going to beet someone with a can Preston Brooks Style. I gotta go drink more before I loose my mind. for fucks sakes also...
  16. tullamore

    Fuck composite hockey sticks

    This shit should be banned in youth hockey. No composite sticks till you are 14. This shit is ruining the future of hockey.
  17. tullamore

    Poster Jail Stories....

  18. tullamore

    I fucking hate when...

    people drive 60 fucking miles an hour in the fast lane on the fucking god damn highway
  19. tullamore

    Hey luigi

    Where the fuck is Mario? Nice shoes lets fuck I am in the trees clear off all powder fall here I call Mary I will miss diner Hold the mayo My balls float
  20. tullamore

    fuck att

    just got police escorted out of att. I think I made it. going with out a phone for a long time. if someone wants to find me they are going to have to knock on my door and hope I answer. peace.