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  1. housepicks

    My new summer drink

    For your consideration... Vodka with V8- island strawberry or strawberry lemonade. Garnish with chunks of strawberry, orange or whatever ya got. Doesn't change the taste but it's kinda fun and looks good. It's fantastic.
  2. housepicks

    Things you got ripped off on

    I just had a 47$ steak and I don't think it was that good. Then juiced me for 4.95 to upgrade to garlic mashed potatoes..which were good but cmon man..
  3. housepicks

    Tell me about a great deal.

    Bought a handle of titos and got a 12 pack of coke for a penny. Limit 1 I'm going back every day as its on my ride home.
  4. housepicks

    Trump tshirts Get yours today. 7 bucks, free shipping. I got 2
  5. housepicks

    Don't open the "Mmmm Hot Dog" thread

    I for one,enjoy a good hot dog. Opened that thread and backed up in .5 secs. It's a video about hotdogs being made...and won't be glorious.
  6. housepicks

    It's personal this time

    My house smells like a skunk..not from weed either... Daughter was asked at work if she was getting high. Son had to come home from school. More tired.
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    Robbie lawler

    Ufc tonight Bet it.
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    Made a ham today

    Havnt eaten any yet though.
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    There is no such thing. It's a fucking pound sign. I hate this god damn world
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    It's my 2 year anniversary at game live thread.

    I may get drunk tonight.
  11. housepicks

    Hey Ray

    You posted a link to a shoe site. Are those shoes legit?
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    House has been trapping raccoons

    Pics to follow
  13. housepicks

    A guy died in my arms today

    Was installing some registers in the lobby. Making small talk with tommy the painter. I realized tommy stopped talkin back. Turned are around and tommy is sitting on a bucket. I say. You alright tommy Tommy falls to the floor face first. I yell and run over. Flooring boss...
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    Hot dogs

    Chicago style hot dogs are the best. Anyone who thinks different, you are stupid and fuk you.
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    My work van was broken into today at work.

    2 words. Black man.
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    5 year old thread got bumped. Saw you guys in it.
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    Houses declaration

    No drinking next weekend. Need a reset...binges are getting longer. 26 hours from Friday to Saturday...trying to ween down to 5.
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  19. housepicks


    First practice tonight...hope no girls cry...but if they's because they fucked up
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    Hillbilly style

    Pics to follow.