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    Good day kind Sir's - video

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    World Series Game Seven

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    We need to hack that website to redirect the URL to betplom's TP roll thread.
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    Pally's GLTBQ video thread

    Pally - if you have a fetish for F2Ms with breasts removed but plumbing intact does that make you straight, bi or gay? Or something else?
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    Pally's GLTBQ video thread

    Trans Bi Queer?
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    World Series Game TWO

    Rangers deserve to lose for keeping Hamilton in the #3 spot.
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    World Series Game TWO

    I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of the Hot Spot camera.
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    World Series Game 1

    I think Occam's razor is your friend here, Wakky.
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    World Series Game 1

    "Strike" is a five letter word. So is "retire".
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    Radio preacher says Rapture is coming Friday. For sure this time!

    He did downgrade the likelihood of it happening as "probably", though.
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    Missing smileys

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    Missing smileys

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    Who thinks the Rangers close it tomorrow?

    No, I want a game 7 in every series.
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    Optimistic baseball announcing!

    Nothing is more annoying than Tim McCarver, he played for the Expos so he's practically Canadian.
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    We lost Epstein tonight

    That's not going to happen, the Yankees are old and need a rotating DH position to give players a day off. That's not even considering that if Jess Montero doesn't get traded in the offseason, DH is pretty much the only position he can play.
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    Laptop suggestions

    For browsing and using a stats package, you can definitely get away with a low end machine should you want to keep it cheap. When comparing machines, always check the CPU since that's something that people generally overlook as they concentrate on memory and hard drive size.
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    suggestion box

    CaliGirlNJ likes to fuck. Maybe you didn't know that.
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    Shannon Caddo, the news story

    Anyone offering lines on how soon he's back behind bars?
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    Gay Test

    Hot: Not:
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    Ask Mudcat A Question

    If you ever do that, it would be the first publication by the GameLive media offshoot. Considering the distinct lack of former heroin addicts making it to middle age and managing to live a comfortable life and having an uncanny knack of telling a story you'd have little market competition.