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  1. Random thoughts

    There exists every type of person imaginable. I'm an aisle man myself.
  2. Blitty does the Baltics

    In santa fe, nm. It's neat I guess. 11 states left to visit after this.
  3. random SPORTS thoughts

    Lol. Dear canada, US Open golf? Oh. Women's tennis?!?! Keep it. Call us when the argonauts take the Lombardi trophy. -USA
  4. The POLITICS Random Thoughts Thread

    Xpy bro, how much time a day do you spend a day consuming this shit? Maybe it's time to get a REAL hobby.
  5. I LOVE Hurricane Season!

    Could be headed for the inlaws in SAV. Even better.
  6. The blackest black

    Yep. That's neat.
  7. I LOVE Hurricane Season!

    Shes panhandle so all good. Plus shes in Germany with my pops.
  8. I LOVE Hurricane Season!

    Lost power for like 4 hours the other night, from like 8-12. Tree came down on some lines. Was awful, no AC trying to sleep in 85 degree heat. Now I know how hurricane people feel. Re Dorian - I guess my dad left stuart just in time, moved back to Massachusetts a year ago.
  9. Blitty does the Baltics

    Tronner I'd say let's get beers but I wont be in the city for work on account of the holiday...
  10. US Open Tennis

    Who you got? Djok gonna win it all? Gonna go on Friday afternoon.
  11. Blitty does the Baltics

    Blitty lives like a king.
  12. More thoughts on jobs and working

    Isnt it "what's in the box? what's in the fucking box?"
  13. Random thoughts

    Pretty sure you can edit google docs anywhere they just need a wifi connection to sync globally across your account. That one of them meal delivery services matty?
  14. Random thoughts

    Google docs doesnt qualify as "basic word processing" huh?!?
  15. The Talented Mr. Epstein

    Medical examiner concluded - suicide by hanging. So we can finally put that to rest.
  16. Paper straws are a scam...

    The irony XPY, is i want to yell "SPEAK ENGLISH FORIEGNER" or "GO BACK TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY" at you. But I don't want to make your dick hard.
  17. Paper straws are a scam...

    Is anyone else just hysterically laughing @ anyone using the expression "virtue signaling"? I don't know what it is... but I suspect using the expression is itself virtue signaling.
  18. The Talented Mr. Epstein

    Occams razor need not apply.
  19. Paper straws are a scam...

    Cherry picked.
  20. The POLITICS Random Thoughts Thread

    Nbd. It's all but forgotten what Louis CK did. Guy is playing clubs like every week here. What she did wasnt even as bad. Yawn.