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  1. Jello

    Catch me up

    I might wanna put some money in an account to play around with. Been out of the scene for years. What's good? Give me a solid book these days with a nice bonus. And it has to be somewhere I can get bonused even if I just gave a handjob to them before, as if I'm still a virgin. Alright...
  2. Jello


    I lost your number. Text me
  3. Jello

    Anybody here know about gambling?

    Hi! I'm thinking about investing in a gambling account and would like to know how I can follow for the BIG MONEY!1
  4. Jello

    Wa Hoo Wah bitches

    That is all.
  5. Jello

    Jim Harbaugh needs to CALM DOWN

    Calm the FUCK down son. I've always kinda liked the guy but right about now I'd like to see him get kicked in the ding ding. Fuck him.
  6. Jello

    Wheels are falling off the Brewers right now...

    and Yovani Gallardo is not the kind of pitcher that just nips this kind of shit in the bud. The Brewers are done fellas.
  7. Jello

    How do I get AVG off my nuts?

    So annoying this cunt. Everytime I google search I end up with an AVG search. I appreciate everything AVG does for me (for free too...the whore). But I want to go back to google searches resulting in GOOGLE finds. Anyone?
  8. Jello

    Who here watches the Jersey Shore?

    I admit that I do, but only for the same reason as the author's of the following blog. I had forgotten about this thing until a few minutes ago. Last season I read pretty much every one of them and without fail there were at least a few classic lines in each week's recap. If you watch the...
  9. Jello

    Redskins v Cowboys

    Nobody here cares about this game but me? Just heard Laron Landry will start. He hasn't played since last season, and I bet he's ready to test out Romo's ribs.
  10. Jello

    Where to watch NFL games online?

    RayRay? Juror? Anybody?
  11. Jello

    Pick thread

    Why not? I'm gonna use 5D lines for everything. I don't bet these anymore either. This is just for my amusement. MLB 9-16 STL +132 TB +133 NYM +150 CFF 9-17 Auburn +3.5 -110 OhSt +115 OU -3 -115 Zona +9 -110
  12. Jello

    Sarah Palin banged Glenn Rice....
  13. Jello

    We need this guy posting...

    David Thorne sounds like a real stinker:
  14. Jello

    Welcome to Gamelive Baby Duck

  15. Jello

    Mishter Monkay

    If you think this is the rotation you will be seeing in the playoffs Teheran Delgado Beachy Minor think again Nigga. Oh. but for what it's worth those guys are all under 23 and NASTY. How old is Ryan Howard now, btw. Freddie Freeman is 23 I think. Enjoy your next 12-24...
  16. Jello

    Is it weird...

    that I haven't really gotten out of bed today, and I'm holed up in my room with old school Pennywise blaring and been drinking bourbon since 3:30? And I wouldn't rather be doing anything else in the world right now? I swear if my roommates had any balls they'd put an end to this. Oh...
  17. Jello

    Tony Romo....

    I was at restaurant last night and we were ragging on Romo. My friend says, he's so handsome though. That guy needs a cologne named after him. I said, it would smell good for 2 or 3 hours and then stink the rest of the night. We laughed. I thought I made a pretty good funny.
  18. Jello

    Deuce (or anyone), car repair question...

    A freind of mine came over yesterday and replaced my fuel pump and filter. After about 10 minutes of trying to turn it over, we finally got it to start. If you remember, I couldn't get it to turn over but about once in every 5 tries last week and the time it would turn over it would die...
  19. Jello

    Who knows about fixing cars?

    My car won't turn over. Well, every few times it will turn over and then die a second later. When I got it inspected a few weeks ago the guy told me my serpentine belt was about to go. Could this be the problem. I think the battery is good. Alternator is practically brand new. Starter...
  20. Jello

    Hurricane Katia.....