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  1. Keto

    Getting in shape for a wedding? Not for health, not for self but for a fucking wedding. Did you change your gender? How do you test your blood and what do you test for?
  2. Aging

    Not aging.
  3. British Open

    Tie? Gone senile already?
  4. British Open

  5. The POLITICS Random Thoughts Thread

    Trump should have said - Welcome to the club.
  6. Random thoughts

    I went to the dentist last week. After about thirty minutes on the chair, I realised my fly's undone. Guys, check before leaving the house.
  7. Movies and TV

    I watched it last night. Really liked it.
  8. Canned Green Peas Free Sample

    Stop eating and promoting canned food.
  9. Movies and TV

    Agnes Varda has passed away. She directed a bunch of great movies but this one is my favourite:
  10. Guess The Breasts

    Casper, can you post complete pics with faces when the question is answered?
  11. Random videos

    Trump celebrating after Mueller report finds nothing incriminating.
  12. Champions League Final 8 Draw

    April 9 & 17 Liverpool - Porto Tottenham - Man City April 10 & 16 Ajax - Juventus Man U - Barcelona
  13. The Christchurch shooting

    Guess you meant news too and not just the views. You should do your bit and don't provide any avenue on this platform to these neckbeards with their political nonsense.
  14. The POLITICS Random Thoughts Thread

    FAT politics. Now, fatties want restaurants to accommodate their humongous sizes. If you are that huge that you can not fit in a chair, you should consider dropping some weight first.
  15. Movies and TV

    I don't know who this Emily is but how can you be sure Blitty didn't fuck her. Afterall, it's Blitty.
  16. Random thoughts

    Intrigue to fun? Now, if you could post the pic of her fat ass, it would be more fun.
  17. Random thoughts

    What's intriguing about a woman in a warehouse? You just want to fuck a fatty (and that's perfectly ok) and you are playing mental gymnastics with yourself to convince fucking her is fine. But, you are stepping into self-delusion territory and it's quite dangerous given your advanced age. A few...
  18. Movies and TV

    Shoplifters / Manbiki kazoku (2018) : Four adults and two kids - all unrelated- living like a family in a cramped house struggling on part time jobs and shoplifting. As the story rolls, their past lives and crimes catch up to them. The theme that runs throughout the film is how everyone is...
  19. Movies and TV

    RJ, you get a pass.;) It depends on the jersey. A lot of them are ugly but there are fine sports team T-shirts available. Here is an example:
  20. Movies and TV

    but, some of them have admitted to watching all those movies. they are people of questionable tastes.