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  1. random SPORTS thoughts

    Need me some duke for winners share of 20k
  2. guitar discussion

    magic hour
  3. things you hate

    This but for people walking.
  4. Dead Horses at Santa Anita

    Between the gate trouble and late scratch, lost rider and your horses dq (just noticed this now) it was a shitty race. The inside track on Rally Cap is hes a horny little guy and gets all worked up in the post parade (tried to mount a pony on the ride out two back). They're gonna geld him...
  5. Dead Horses at Santa Anita

    Race 8 @ the big A, Rally Cap.
  6. Dead Horses at Santa Anita

    She gonna be a broodmare when she's done. $$$
  7. Dead Horses at Santa Anita

    Never stopped for me. Had an expendable commodity horse run on Saturday. Came in third.
  8. Dead Horses at Santa Anita

    Nope. Flat track in so. CA. Gorgeous one at that. Something wrong with the racing and training surface in conjunction with record rainfall and weakness in the breed (particularly Cal-breds), producing relatively high on-track breakdown rates. Not a good look for the sport... though it begs...
  9. The Christchurch shooting

    Typical aussie/Oceania intolerance of those that are different. Sad.
  10. Dead Horses at Santa Anita

    22 dead and counting in 2.5mo. Blitty what's going on out there? Begs the questions, how many is too many? How many is an acceptable amount? We've come a long way in the horse death sense but at the end of the day its still comoditzing animals for entertainment, some horses gonna die.

    Prob a good thing to root out. If you want to buy your kid's way into a school at least benefit the institution by building a dorm or sponsoring a classroom or some shit. Enriching a single individual is just terrible. Besides the main guy, no one is gonna do time I assume.
  12. The POLITICS Random Thoughts Thread

    Agree. but given that it's got posts about female football players (politics?) Perhaps it should be renamed "Xpansive - Post Here"
  13. random MUSIC thoughts

    Weezer was hands down the worst concert I ever saw. Small venue (college gymnasium) after maybe the green album. They played about 35 minutes, then Rivers announced he was sick but that theyd be going to some bar (obviously very few in the crowd, myself included were of age). What a dick.
  14. The Polaroid Random Thoughts Baseball Thread

    Steinbrenner Field
  15. The POLITICS Random Thoughts Thread

    More for XPY, for him if it's got a dick or a vag its politics.
  16. Celebrity death Pool Time

    That's some scary ass shit.
  17. The POLITICS Random Thoughts Thread

    politics random thoughts? :dunno:
  18. Pics where I'm not sure where to put it

    Sleeping children who leave sharp blocks all over the floor.
  19. random MUSIC thoughts

    First album I ever owned.
  20. The Polaroid Random Thoughts Baseball Thread

    NL with a DH in the next 10 years for the max, right? Gonna take in a spring training game next weekend... getting pumped for baseball, dog days are right around the corner.