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  1. random SPORTS thoughts

    Only 7 or 8 people in the country thought Duke would go real deep so all 7 or 8 of them survived a big scare today. Congrats to all those wizards.
  2. Movies and TV

    The music is outstanding (as always is with True Detective).
  3. Movies and TV

    3 episodes into S3 of True Detective....... Man, I feel like I’m watching some great acting but, shit, I’m bored 60% of the time.
  4. guitar discussion

    :pepe: Boys, in a very strange turn of events, I have somehow come to reunite with 3 former band members that I had not seen in 20 years. And none of them had been keeping in touch either. 20 years, man. This all happened within a span of about 5 months. They one by one came back into...
  5. guitar discussion

    In 18 months Matty will be too famous to post at Gamelive.

    It’s a fucking Nerf gun, guys.
  7. UC Irvine. One time.

  8. FC Cincinnati

    MLS is doing way better in popularity than the average American-very-casual-soccer-fan thinks.
  9. guitar discussion

    Matty, have you heard the Fallout Cloud (formerly Muffroom Cloud) fuzz pedal by Thorpy FX? I might have to choke up the $230 for one. Sounds SOOOOO friggin good.
  10. The Polaroid Random Thoughts Baseball Thread

    First MLB regular season game on 5:30 AM Eastern time tomorrow, boyssssssssssss. Likely Ichiro’s last series as a starter in MLB.
  11. things you hate

    Again, people that can’t grasp that the left lane is the passing lane on the highway. If you park yourself in the left lane the entire duration of your stay on the highway regardless of how many cars are anxiously waiting to pass you, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG, MOTHERFUCKER.
  12. random SPORTS thoughts

    The Greek Freak In pro sports, when they call you a Freak it’s cause yo real real good. They called Timmy Lincecum the freak, too.
  13. FC Cincinnati

    Have you attended a MLS game within the last 5 years?
  14. FC Cincinnati

    I saw FC Cincy play Miami FC a year or two ago when they met in Miami for the US Open Cup. FC Cincy had 3K away supporters.
  15. Gamelive poker talk

    I have tickets for Cage The Elephant/Beck this summer.
  16. The Christchurch shooting

    Takes a big man to slaughter a bunch of defenseless civilians and then immediately surrender at the first sign of law enforcement. Horrible person with horrible taste in music.
  17. The Christchurch shooting

    Anyone seen the unedited video?

    :pepe: To the Department Of Justice for doing an outstanding job on this college admissions fraud/bribery case. LOVE IT.
  19. The POLITICS Random Thoughts Thread

    Yes. :handshake Best to have all of this in one thread and not scattered all over the forum.
  20. Random thoughts

    Ewwww gross.