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  1. Boner's Equine Exploits

    Haha. There's tons of racing podcasts out there and all the industry does is talk about the problems. I like to try to take someone to the track each year, someone that's never been. I dunno. One of these days I'll fly down without my wife and kids and take the southern Florida crowd to...
  2. Boner's Equine Exploits

    So I'm doing my part and bought another one (yearling filly). Picture credit to Housatonic Bloodstock.
  3. Boner's Equine Exploits

    So many problems but yes, at its core theres not enough owners. The other main problem is lack of interest in gambling generally (and horse racing specifically) by younger generations. Gamblers are the customers and races are the product. Attractive races (full fields with many potential...
  4. Boner's Equine Exploits

    Thursday race 7 @ The Big A. I haven't assessed the rest of the field yet but our girl is ready to fire.
  5. Matty Rain's 2024 MLB Betting Thread

  6. Matty Rain's 2024 MLB Betting Thread

    Mets +200? Wtf happened to the Cardinals line?
  7. Boner's Equine Exploits

    Trying to get her into a race is impossible. The state of American racing is depressing. There's not enough horses to fill these races.
  8. Matty Rain's 2024 MLB Betting Thread

    Woooooooo cocksuckaaaa!
  9. What was your last google search.

    Only watched one YouTube review and he said it was "okay."
  10. Bitcoin-based online gambling

    What's the next buy point for ya Tron?
  11. What was your last google search.

    Mary browns chicken k-crunch sandwich
  12. Any posters want to meet in Tennessee?

    You can still marry a cousin in NY state. Is NY more Tennessee than TN?!?!?
  13. Ohtani and Interpreter

    Love y'all bending over backwards to accept the word of a criminal degenerate gambler. The naivete is cute.
  14. Celebrity death Pool Time

    In violation of HIPAA a view of OJs last moments in the hospital have been leaked...
  15. Ohtani and Interpreter

    Dingo gets it.
  16. Ohtani and Interpreter

    When you arrange for someone to take the fall you usually don't just buy the "initial blow up package." It makes sense to arrange that they take it through the indictment phase and if you're wise you buy the "to the grave platinum package."
  17. Joaquin's Joker part two

    Missed the first one. Was it any good?
  18. Celebrity death Pool Time

    The actor? Dang.
  19. Matty Rain's 2024 MLB Betting Thread

    Cards and As for me. Get that $$. Edit: checked other book and added NYM and Royals.
  20. Matty Rain's 2024 MLB Betting Thread

    I've been betting these plays ($10 flat) off and on ONLY if I can beat Mattys # by .05. No reason other than I can't make withstand the huge swings of shit like 10 plays a day and this is as good a filter as any. I think I'm basically even, maybe up $10.