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  1. talk to me about Facebook

    RJ, any link to the song in the video/post#1786?
  2. 2019 Australian Open Tennis

  3. Random thoughts

    If you consider eating peanut butter and getting fat as something useful, then what can I say?
  4. Aging

    call them choots.
  5. Random thoughts

    Instead of recycling, use those bottles for something else. That's a lot better. Or don't buy useless stuff in the first place.
  6. Random thoughts

    You should have made her kneel on the rocks.
  7. Movies and TV

    I found most characters to be damn annoying.:thumbsdown:
  8. talk to me about Facebook

    Stay away from that I Beam, RJ. Do you remember the travails of getting a tetanus shot a few years back?
  9. Random thoughts

    When the population is not varied, then the random samples will look a lot more similar. FFS. Here I was thinking what kind of idiocy is in pressing the screen button while making sure you don't drop the phone. Find more stuff and share. Just to make sure, it works for both cameras.
  10. What are you listening to?

  11. What’s the play

    Let's be a bit more accurate 30k+
  12. Just me and my lady

    RJ is a fishnet guy :p Happy New Year.
  13. Random thoughts

    Anyone hairy and has had a heart stress(treadmill) test? They asked me to shave my chest/abdomen hair. I was thinking if close clipping would be enough for the electrodes to stick.
  14. The POLITICS Random Thoughts Thread

    Currently it's averaging about $61 per donation. Hope they raise a lot of money, a substantial part of the wall is also built and when the illegal problem is still there, we can revel in schadenfreude at the expense of these morons. :D
  15. So I’m Officially In Vegas

    :lol: While she is in rehab, can you date her mother?
  16. More thoughts on jobs and working

    This is an extract from TGF video. GL has no claim to it.
  17. What are you listening to?

  18. What are you listening to?

    sorry if it has been posted before
  19. Palm oil and Indonesia

    After killing most of their own wildlife, the Europeans have the nerve to talk about wild animals far away. Producers of alternatives of palm oil + NGOs. Who else?