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  1. Tron

    Are you ready for some football?

  2. Tron

    Are you ready for some football?

    Current Philly texture: Velvety
  3. Tron

    Racially Motivated Attacks

    I don’t know, FW.
  4. Tron

    Are you ready for some football?

    @MrMonkey I’m on the same sides LETS FOKKEN GOOOOOOOOOOooooooo
  5. Tron

    Racially Motivated Attacks

    @MrMonkey, happy to read that you bailed on the thin skinned, petty threat to democracy and are getting behind a real Republican leader!
  6. Tron


    I like being the only person in an establishment that’s not looking at their phone. It’s a little bit of a thrill!
  7. Tron

    Random thoughts

    Innit some bs?! I doubt sub 200 hundge with current air travel texture but definitely in the 4’s I will call them on your suggestion.
  8. Tron

    Random thoughts

    Directly through American Airlines.
  9. Tron

    Random thoughts

  10. Tron

    Steves gets his life together

    So the last 2 American presidents have improperly handled classified documents? WTF is going on in this country? :bennyhill:
  11. Tron

    Random thoughts

    Anyone ever have one of these happen to them? I book a nonstop American Airlines ticket to Las Vegas for $627.00 and American Airlines changes it to stopping in Dallas before continuing to Vegas. They don’t email me or text me. They just change it on my AA app. I feel like I should have...
  12. Tron

    Canada is Larger than China

    Drivers with a Quebec license plate continue to be the worst South Florida drivers. They’re not nearly as dangerous as the growing intentionally reckless amateur race car drivers we have on I-95 but, yeah, Quebecers still doin it.
  13. Tron

    random MUSIC thoughts

    Of course Led Zeppelin had a fireplace in their airplane
  14. Tron


    Two mass California shootings committed by elderly males in the last week.
  15. Tron

    Your Favorite Sporting Event …

    I saw Jeff Conine’s throw from LF to Pudge Rodriguez to nail JT Snow at home for the Marlins to clinch the 2003 NLDS.
  16. Tron

    Where The Fukk Is Tron ??? ⚾️

    There was.
  17. Tron

    Claire Danes 😜

    I have a thing for Cate Blanchett (talent is a huge turn on) and Avril Lavigne’s face.