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  1. tullamore

    Racially Motivated Attacks

    Is DeSantis is a shoe in for the Republican nomination? I think the Georgia governor Kemp could be a possibility giving his history of winning elections in such a divided state.
  2. tullamore

    More thoughts on jobs and working

    I need a new job
  3. tullamore

    Shorty Did You Know

    Game live is a teenager.
  4. tullamore

    Boner's Equine Exploits

    Mousse got scratched just went to place a bet and watch.
  5. tullamore

    Real Or Fake TV Show Plots

    I don’t recall hearing about any of those plots so I got no clue.
  6. tullamore

    Celebrity death Pool Time

    Pope Benedict
  7. tullamore

    Celebrity death Pool Time

    That’s a great photo RJ
  8. tullamore

    Who;s drinking tonight?

    I’ll be drinking. But thinking about doing dry January, someone challenged me
  9. tullamore

    YouTube is down …

    Getting the NFL Sunday ticket
  10. tullamore

    Twas The Night Before Christmas (Gamelive Version)

    Merry Christmas all.
  11. tullamore

    Bitcoin-based online gambling

    I’d be curious where those funds came from? My Clinton, Larry David and Tom Brady chipped in.
  12. tullamore

    El Paso is the new Ellis Island

    The reality is both parties don’t want to solve this issue, I wonder how must money is raised each election cycle because of the immigration situation. Come up with a solution and where would that money go?
  13. tullamore

    El Paso is the new Ellis Island

    Back in the day I know you needed to be sponsored to come to the US, someone would vouch for you and provide housing for you to start out. Why did this go away?
  14. tullamore


    What kind of new performance enhancing drug is Thompson on. Never scored double digits in goals until last year
  15. tullamore

    Vaping weed?

    I’ve been researching retreats in South America
  16. tullamore

    Vaping weed?

    Where you do it?
  17. tullamore

    World Cup 2022

    Can’t wait to watch Mbappe and Endrick play for Real Madrid in3 years.
  18. tullamore

    Bol Bol

    Not a travel
  19. tullamore

    World Cup 2022

    I think they get a goal.
  20. tullamore

    World Cup 2022

    Let’s go France. Mbappe Messi Bloody Mary’s seems like a great way to spend my Sunday.