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  1. Any bourbon drinkers?

    I’m going to have to try a Pappy pour fo see if all this hype is worth it.
  2. NFL 2018 - season of schadenfreude

    I just went and looked after seeing your post Owowowowowow what an ending
  3. Any bourbon drinkers?

    If you have to ask it’s not within reach, pal. :)
  4. Any bourbon drinkers?

    Being out in the woods gulping down fresh air and being active ——————-> matters.
  5. General Soccer Discussion

    Atlanta beats Portland in front of 73,000 fans.
  6. Any bourbon drinkers?

    Do you like mountain biking?
  7. General Soccer Discussion

    MLS Cup just started on Fox Good soccer going on in Atlanta. Crowd is electric.
  8. The POLITICS Random Thoughts Thread

    Now we have a thread for any and all random thoughts regarding POLITICS past, present and future. :moped:
  9. Movies and TV

    The Age Of OUTRAGE about EVERYTHING we live in is so depressing. Depressing isn’t even the right word. It’s worse than that.
  10. Bitcoin-based online gambling

    It’s been worth the price of admission
  11. Movies and TV

    The actor (I think his name is Michael Peńa) portraying Special Agent Enrique Camarena: I don’t think he’s doing a good job of acting in Narcos Season 3.
  12. The Polaroid Random Thoughts Baseball Thread

    Luis Valbuena and Jose Castillo killed in car accident in Venezuela.
  13. Deal Breakers

    If you routinely drive with your dog/cat in your lap. DEAL BREAKER
  14. Deal Breakers

    Another instant deal breaker is a woman who makes something not remotely political, political.
  15. Deal Breakers

    Yup. :yeahsure:
  16. guitar discussion

    Matty, Catalinbread made a stomp box to emulate Pink Floyd early era delays.
  17. random SPORTS thoughts

    I’m bummed I missed this heavyweight fight between Wilder and Fury. I’ll have to watch the replay.,
  18. Just a regular Sunday afternoon at the Gambol Station...

    GOING FOR THE SWEEP, BOYSSSSS. $$$$$$ What kind of cocktail is in that mason jar? I’m gonna have some egg nog with Brandy just because.
  19. More thoughts on jobs and working

    I don’t know what TGF is. I feel dumb.
  20. More thoughts on jobs and working

    Another legendary Gamelive gif I forgot about. I bet that was one take, too. Unreal how good that is.