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  1. Something that is deeply troubling to me - American late 20 somethings and gambling

    Thanks for asking Rougey. Shes cleared of all illness and no laminitis - which is the worry with almost all horse illness. She was gonna take 2 mo off during the harshest winter months and they're just gonna turn that into a 4mo long layoff instead. She dropped a lot of wieght and hasn't been...
  2. Random thoughts

    Were top dog because of trump? Dont think so pal, that's downright delusional. He's definitely lowering our awesomeness stock but it's so damn high he cant possibly lower it below the next nearest nation. We owe our awesomeness to Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Reagan 10000x more than Mr. Orange.
  3. Deal Breakers

    Adding to tully... if you refer to you cat or dog as a child or yourself as their parent.
  4. Random thoughts

    Yeah strong. But NBD. We still the gold standard. Enjoy our culture and you're welcome!
  5. Welcome to the NHL Seattle!!

    Seattle Filthy Homeless Thatd be a good name based on my experience there.
  6. Deal Breakers

    Smoking cigs. Yuck.
  7. More thoughts on jobs and working

    Love it or hate it, Muddys good fortune has more to do with the booming US economy and those that have driven it... just saying.
  8. Just a regular Sunday afternoon at the Gambol Station...

    Seen em twice. One of those shows, lateralous tour, was best show I've ever been to. Danny Carey is boss.
  9. Movies and TV

    Maybe it's just that those two back to back episodes were the first two I've watched in a while. Loved that Jerry told galifianakis that he's crazy if he thinks the world (or even his world) changed after the hangover, that the world is soooo much bigger than the hangover... but still... seems...
  10. Movies and TV

    Galifianakis, Jerry calls him crazy a bunch of times and Chappelle who obviously can't function in society.
  11. Movies and TV

    Comedians in Cars is just sad. All of our comedy heroes (maybe with the exception of Jerry) are so fucked up and exist so far outside reality it's disheartening.
  12. Random thoughts

    I'd think people wouldn't get mad, theyd just follow you around and clean up, no?
  13. Serious question...

    Can children come watch the races?
  14. Serious question...

    Mini bash at Woodbine?!?
  15. Happy 40th Matty!!

    You old bro. Enjoy yourself.
  16. Serious question...

    For what it's worth I was never into that shit and have only gotten lamer/older. Though I still peep an occasional jimmer.
  17. Fanduel

    I landed in NJ about a month ago and opened a sportsbook account and placed a bunch of bets before crossing into NY. But now I have to go back to NJ in order to collect.
  18. More thoughts on jobs and working

    Seriously considering collecting my bonus (paid sometime in Jan) and then having an Office Space type year, see what I can get away with before they fire me. Nothing offensive or raunchy or anything, just totally flaking out. Fact of the matter is, I made 75-80% of what I'm making now as a...
  19. Any bourbon drinkers?

    Good get Cougar. Interesting article about whether or not Pappy fever is over the top. Well not so much over the top but whether or not real bourbon drinkers are still in the hunt. Don't think the author really has an opinion...
  20. Movies and TV

    The Farthest - 7.9/10 Boners Pretty decent documentary about NASA's Voyager program. Hard to believe these little guys launched over 40 years ago. They're still trucking - the only man made object to leave our solar system. Incredible that the tech from 40 years ago is doing all that and...