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  • Thank you for that advice Emmi! I will look into getting photoshop for that feature. I'm surprised sbr would disable your pm's without you requesting it..? Is there any other way we can contact each other? Possibly yahoo messenger?
    Emmi, the moderators of this forum have disabled private messages. Feel free to PM me at SBR. My handle is blittydeuce there.
    Hi Emmi! Yes, I take all of the videos/pics in my thread myself. I appreciate the compliment! Feel free to comment about something you like within the thread, as well.

    My back story is, that I recently drove out to NYC from CA for a life change. I am documenting some of my experiences in the thread.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Em...will you really stop posting on here? Come on, Bella, get over your Italian pride for once...I think they are going to like what you have to say.
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