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  1. Petito v Laundrie

    That assumes he killed her. What if she was abusive and told him she wanted nothing to do with him and to leave and the next he knew she was missing and then dead. Up until he took off this was a plausible story and any lawyer worth their salt would do exactly what his lawyer did. But yeah...
  2. Taliban wins again

    Good say @Archie. I have a brother in law whose continues to get on me after a couple glasses of Rose because when I was 24 and full of piss and vinegar I was not only conservative (still pretty much am) but I'd talk about it... now I just say "sure dude" cause I literally cannot spend 2 minutes...
  3. Anything that you eat today....journal it here!

    Rj gonna turn into a plantain.
  4. Cmon Five Teamer!!!

  5. Cmon Five Teamer!!!

    Rams -3 (-133) Broncos -6 (-109) Cards -6 (+119) Eagles ML (+128) Steelers/Raiders (+111) 20 to win 688
  6. Random thoughts

    -110 - a bad move to some shitty temporary living -120 - a credit event where his wifi and any attempt to get online is cut off because he is poor and poor people suck at getting out of thier own way
  7. Ask Surfer a Question

  8. Ask Surfer a Question

    Do you currently have any outstanding credit card debt? What time do you wake up on a weekday? Weekend? If you won a large sum of money ($100M/72M GBP) how much would you give to each of your siblings?
  9. kato do you think I can be a youtube vlogger?

    Dang dude. Will have to hit you up next time I'm @ Gulfstream.
  10. More thoughts on jobs and working

    Nah. I do want to learn so I can do volunteer work for all the illegal horsie people.
  11. More thoughts on jobs and working

    Plan is to rip off one client (who is one of the people I've told and has assured me he's on board). That's 1/10 - 1/7 my work but by cutting out the firm (and discounting my rate for him) will be 1/4 - 1/2 my current income.... after that maybe work some contract gigs to fill the time and...
  12. More thoughts on jobs and working

    I've told several people that I'm collecting one more annual bonus (for my work ending 12/31/21 and paid in mid Feb) and then I'm quitting. The amount and position of people I've told this pretty much locks me in to following through. Super pro bread winner wife is on board.
  13. kato's good mourning/good evening thread

    Morning Dingo.
  14. Big Boys Club

  15. Celebrity death Pool Time

    RIP Norm McDonald. Funny dude.